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BLAMM Datacard Systems

     The BLAMM Datacard System is a DOPE (Data On Previous Engagement) management device that conveniently mounts to your rifle or scope and quickly flexes to stay in place wherever you need it to be. This ensures that all your elevation, wind, target, fun drawings, and other data are right in your field of view and on the same focal plane as your turrets for maximum efficiency of movements and speed allowing more time to focus on acquiring targets and making good shots.

Two versions of the BLAMM Datacard System are available, the original rail mount on its 3rd revision making it better than ever, and the new FLEX Datacard System building on the popularity of our previous scope mount system now offering the ultimate flexibility to mount on scope tubes ranging from 30mm to 36mm without spacers or adapters! Either option is removable and can be repositioned without gluing anything to your expensive rifle!


BLAMM Datacard System's low clearance allows them to mount directly under most scopes with the Original Datacard system requiring just 3/8" and the FLEX system less than 1/8" once installed. (These clearances are as mounted, the flex system may be installed with just 1/4" of clearance without removing the optic from the rifle)


Every system includes two blank data cards with hook and loop, hex wrench for installation and adjustment if required, and a grease pencil for wind and rain resistance while maintaining ease of cleaning with a dry cloth. Wet erase or alcohol erase markers also work well and may be desirable alternatives in extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Additional datacards are available either blank, with grid patterns and/or stage checklists, custom charts, or any custom design you would like!


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