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BLAMM Datacard Systems

     The BLAMM Datacard System is a D.O.P.E. management device that conveniently mounts to your rifle or scope and quickly flexes to stay in place wherever you need it to be. This means no gluing anything to your expensive rifle!


     Their low clearance allows it to mount directly under most scopes. The two versions available are the standard and the scope mounted, each with different clearances required. The standard Datacard system requires just 3/8" while the scope mounted requires less than 3/32". (These clearances are as mounted, with clearances close to these measurements the scope may need to be removed from the rifle for installation)


Every system includes two blank data cards with mounting hook and loop, hex wrench for installation and adjustment, and a grease pencil for wind and rain resistance while maintaining ease of cleaning with a dry cloth.

Additional datacards are available either blank, with grid patterns and/or stage checklists, custom drop charts, or any custom design you would like!


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