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The FLEX Datacard system

The FLEX Datacard system

$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

The BLAMM FLEX Datacard System is optimized for the competitive shooting environment utilizing all stainless-steel hardware and tough flexible parts that are impact and shatter resistant. Designed for 30-36mm scope tubes it can be mounted with as little as 1/4” of clearance without removal from the rifle and only 1/8" once mounted. Tension is adjustable during installation for a customized fit and positioning offering the greatest flexibility of placments, getting the information where you need it. The flexible arm greatly reduces the risk of breaking if snagged unlike solid arm systems, designed to pull apart before damaging your optic the system is easily repairable in the field.


The reusable Datacards mark easily with the included grease pencil that is water and wind proof yet wipes off easily with a soft cloth for your next targets data. Wet erase or alcohol erase markers also work well and may be desirable alternatives in extreme cold or hot temperatures.


The installation of your new BLAMM Flex Datacard System utilizes a made in the USA, very high-performance cable tie that is UV and weather resistant with a stainless-steel retaining tooth and fine adjustment.  Installation is very simple but please review the instructions at the link below for proper positioning and torquing of the Datacard System to ensure optimal performance.


Additional or custom Datacards can be ordered seperately.

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