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Bolt Knob Adapter Kit

Bolt Knob Adapter Kit

$11.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price

Many actions are working to reduce production costs by reducing the inital size of stock needed to create their one-piece bolts and handles. This has led to several manufactures to move away from the industry standard female threaded bolt knobs and start using male threaded bolt knobs. This creates issues when the shooter wishes to customize their rifle look and bolt feel. The BLAMM Enterprises Bolt Knob Adapter Kit solves this issue creating an easy and affordable solution to this problem.


The Kit includes a Stainless steel stud, appropriate installation wrench, and an anodized aluminum 1/4" long specialized spacer. DOES NOT include a bolt knob. Each stud has reusable and repositionable thread locker (NOT permanent despite the red color) pre-installed in key areas to ensure that your bolt knob does not work loose during shooting. Can be used with or without the provided spacer for the desired bolt knob placement and cocking feel.


Compatible with Curtis Customs, Impact, and most other actions that use female threads on the bolt body.

SKU: Bolt_Adapter
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