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BLAMM Power Wedge Mark II

BLAMM Power Wedge Mark II

$190.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

We are excited to announce that all Power wedges now come with the BLAMM ARCA clamp!


The new BLAMM Enterprises ARCA clamp is specifically developed for the BLAMM Power Wedge and other shooting bags. Machined from billet aluminum with a tough anodized finish it has the unique ability to change between right and left hand use with just a hex wrench. The extended length provides superior holding power on rails allowing bags to be loaded into barricades and other shooting positions.


The first ARCA bag on the market! The BLAMM Power Wedge Mark II offers a new standard on how much utility you can obtain from a single bag! It's wedge design offers the shooter superior height versatility while providing excellent hold on barricades and obstacles. Coupled with the ARCA rail system the Power Wedge can move forward and aft on the rifle for perfect shooter positioning. Get close and personal with a boulder to get that rear bag in for support and in seconds position the bag further forward for barricade shots with a rear tripod support. The best part, no fumbling with it during transitions and building positions. It is always there for you. For those prone stages the Power Wedge does double duty as a rear support bag transferring its sticky grip to the stock of your rifle with infinite rear height adjustments from 1/2" up to almost 8" and "squeasability" for fine tuning. Its usefulness ends only with the shooters imagination!


The Power Wedge Mark II features:

  • New wider design for greater stability
  • Less obtrusive logo, you spoke and we listened!
  • 3" BLAMM ARCA clamp for a strong hold
  • Easy grip knob for quick adjustment
  • Heavy poly beady fill, now with more weight to keep the rifle steady and further reduce recoil!
  • Adjustabe fill tension straps
  • Rubberized anti-skid materal on entire barricade surface
  • Velcro access port to adjust fill level


If you want a color or design that we dont offer please contact us! We are ALWAYS willing to work on custom options for our customers.


Please allow 1-2 weeks for out of stock or custom colors to ship. If a standard color is out of stock please contact us to see if it qualifies for a pre-order discount!

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