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Flex Datacard System Installation Instructions

1. Remove all components and ensure that all parts are present: (1) Datacard mount with flexible arm, (2) Reusable datacards, (2) self-adhesive loop patches, (2) High strength UV Rated cable ties, and (1) retractable grease pencil. Please contact us if any items are missing.

2. Bend the head of a cable tie 90 degrees inward


3. Place the mount on the scope in the desired position and thread the cable tie through both ends until the cable tie head is tight against the mount


4. While pinching both ends together tighten the cable tie until the adjustable arm can be positioned and the mount stays stationary but can still be rotated by hand. It does not take any more force than can be applied by hand. Trim the excess tail off the cable tie


5. Position the mount as desired.


6. Attach loop material to logo side of Datacard. Add data and attach to mount.


7. When not in use bend the arm so that the attachment pad is clear of snag hazards.

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