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BLAMM Scope Mounted Datacard System

BLAMM Scope Mounted Datacard System

$49.95 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

The BLAMM Datacard System™ is optimized for the long range competitive shooting environment. Made to withstand harsh environments it utilizes all stainless-steel hardware and tough PETG plastic. Its carefully thought out design requires no permanent modifications to your rifle or scope. Once installed, this scope mounted design needs less than 3/32" of clearance between your scope and the rail when positioned appropriately.


The reusable Datacards eliminate the need to remember paper cards that are easily ripped or soaked and mark easily with the included grease pencil. The markings are waterproof yet wipe off easily with a soft cloth for your next stages data.


The flexible arm greatly reduces the risk of breaking while in use unlike solid arm solutions. It quickly bends where you need it and stays put for whatever your course of fire demands. Custom arm lengths can be achieved by following the instructions included.


Offered in 35mm and 34mm diameters with 30mm flexible spacers available for 34mm models.


Standard color is black. We also offer custom color options to match your gear for just $2 additional! Please contact us if you are looking for a color not currently offered. Please allow for up to 2 additional days for custom colors to ship.

Custom color
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